Prostitute to GodChic

This morning I was encouraged by the story of Rahab. Rahab was prostitute from a pagan background. Despite who she had been and how all knew her as, she risked her life to follow God’s obedience. She had faith in knowing who God truly was. She didn’t feel dirty or unworthy she felt the power of God and had Faith in him and didn’t let her past stop her. She didn’t fear what people would say about her or think of her, she knew In those moments who God was and what she needed to do. She stood strong in her faith!! She felt worthy of being a child of God. She in turn saved her whole family, helped God’s plan be fulfilled, and became the ancestor of Jesus Christ himself!!!!!!!! 
This sinful well known prostitute! Pagan following woman! Because of her faith in God! Her determination to do God’s will even at the point of risking her life! If she can feel worthy enough so can you and I. Who cares what our past looks like! Who cares if others wanna throw it in our face!! That’s there issue not ours! Cause when we come to God and ask for forgiveness our sins at that moment are washed away! So much so the Bible says he remembers them no more! God has forgiven us! We are washed clean and purified! We are worthy of ALL God has for us and wants to do through us! 
-You are Worthy-GodChic

With Love in Christ,

     J. Taylor


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