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Mommyhood Unfiltered: Wide Eyed Mom…Counting the Zzzz

photojesOf coarse here I am at 12:49am and everyone is sound a sleep. That is except for my hubby who is snoring like a race horse. Kid’s are tucked away not making a peep and here I am wide awake, go figure. Why do I do this? I have a million things running in my mind and I have a craving for coffee. Eeek!! Coffee not a good idea right now. Baby took no nap today so I’m sure she will be asleep all night, in Jesus name. So have you ever had a great day with everything wonderful then boom a situation of doom burst in and bust your bubble? I did… Today, wait yesterday  (forgot it’s past 12am) I did my blog post and everything was fabulous, fed baby lunch and we did worship super loud. We had a blast of giggles. Hubby came home for lunch and we were enjoying a pleasant conversation, when he says “wait who’s here?” With this fearful look (I was scared) he said “who turned the hall light off?” I looked around slowly and “Oh great”… Can you guess what happened? Yup, it was lights out. Seriously! what a joy killer over load. Now two things could happen, the famous blame game or the challenging tongue tamer.

Oh boy, oh boy, was this a moment the enemy loves. He loves to bring chaos and sabotage God’s joy and laughter. But we have the upper hand ladies!! We totally got this! PRAYER… God just waits right at the corner for us to give him the go to show his mighty power. When we turn the situation over to God he can blow our minds with unbelievable blessings, favor and make the impossible possible. When the nitty gets gritty show that devil who’s boss and work God’s Word!
I have to admit for minute I felt a melt down coming when I was alone. Then back to reality I had to lay that stinken devil on his face and steer my gear in the right direction. And then remind my hubby not to worry it’ll all work out. But don’t tell him I almost had my melt down right before he texted me. Haha!!! We got everything squared away and lights back on in a couple of hours. Everything was back to its scheduled routine. By the time kids got home everything was completely normal, umm… well our norm at least. After homework and such we headed to an amazing worship service where the anointing was on fire! What a great way back to fabulousness. God is so good!!!

God’s Word for Mom:

Don’t burn out; keep yourselves fueled and aflame. Be alert servants of the Master, cheerfully expectant. Don’t quit in hard times; pray all the harder. Help needy Christians; be inventive in hospitality. Romans 12:11-12

Pile your troubles on God’s shoulders— he’ll carry your load, he’ll help you out. He’ll never let good people topple into ruin. Psalm 55:22

My help and glory are in God —granite-strength and safe-harbor-God— So trust him absolutely, people; lay your lives on the line for him. God is a safe place to be. Psalm 62:7-8

A Whisper to God:

Dear Heavenly Father,

 I know full well that you are Lord over my life. I put my complete trust in you and know you will see me through any trial that comes my way. Thank you Lord for always looking at my best interest and never letting me fall. I pray that you will lead me and guide me to make wise choices and help me to stay focused on  the straight and narrow path you have set before me. Thank you Lord for the best is yet to come, because greater is He that is in me that he that is in the world. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Written by Jessica Taylor. NIV Bible

The Unfiltered Never Alone Raw Deal

pic of raw dealOk… Let’s begin with last night or better yet the night before, I got 2 hours of sleep. Baby girl decided she needed mommy time pretty much all night. I had an all day class the following day, which was very enlightening to help with my next season of life. Back to last night, little one got up a couple of times I got 5 hours of sleep and I feel great. Total of 7 hours in two days. Why do I feel great you might ask? Totally seeking the Lord’s strength works wonders and coffee. So this morning I did the dishes and a couple of loads of laundry, stuffed the cloth diapers (yes I cloth, but only when at home), swept the floors, dusted and cleaned, fed baby, hubby and teen (other kids school offers free breakfast to every child, which is awesome) and then took a bath and put make-up on. May I add doing all this with the baby is a challenge while hubby is off doodling and getting ready for work.
So let me continue with are there times you wanna ring your hubby’s hummmm… neck, arm, leg, something? Or perhaps think “Does he think this is a piece of cake here! I’m doing all this cleaning with the baby and he’s playing with a phone! Hello! Do I have Super-mom written on my forehand?” Ok… maybe it’s just me, but boy I would love to take a 30 minute shower or use the restroom without playing peek-a-boo with the baby so she doesn’t cry. I may be the only mom here, but sometimes I just wanna SCREAM “I may not show it but I do enjoy doing things alone too. While your singing and doodling I’m here showering with a baby in a baby swing. I think I still have soap on me, but gotta hurry baby is getting antsy.” Ohhh the joy of mommyhood and never being alone.
So what do we do ladies? Let’s get to the gritty here you may not want to hear this but we are moms and that’s what we do. It’s not the best choice to yell and get frustrated, though I will admit I have plenty of times. The honest truth is all that does is cause disunity, anger, bitterness, resentment and a whole lot of other dirty words. The hard truth is some husbands don’t have a clue. I know what your thinking “Any brainer would notice I’m struggling here.” The reality is there not brainless, they just really don’t notice. Most of the time all we have to do is ASK for help and they will be willing to help. We expect them to do the “chivalry” thing and rescue us from all the mommy nitty gritty, but this isn’t a fairytale this is real life.

The best thing I can offer moms who have small children and/or several children is this, PRAYER. I can not say it enough how important God is for our everyday mommy journey. Seeking God every morning is the best antidote for any mom and wife. It can be as simple as what I do. I get up at around 6 every morning. When my alarm goes off on my phone I turn the alarm off and open my Bible app. I read the verse of the day and the verse again from the day before. I say a prayer for me, my kids and husband (I will include at the end) and then I get up. It’s quick and effortless. Most people lay in bed a few minutes after their alarm goes off anyway so might as well get some great use of the time. Giving God your very first breath in the morning can help any mom get through their morning with a little less irritation and slip-ups. I also pray over my kids as we drive to school and when I get home after hubby has gone to work I pray over him (I will include at the end). If you don’t have time for all this you can set your alarm ten minutes earlier and include your prayers for everyone right then. God wants to be a personal God and be right in the mix of your everyday challenges. Give God the opportunity to be personal with you and trust in his strength. God is a generous God, don’t be afraid to ask for help that’s called pride. We are not equip to handle the load of mommyhood ALL ALONE, He wants to help carry the load for you. God wants to give you the ability to press on with peace and joy. If we want you husbands to be more aware of our mommy struggles and be a first responder helper then lets get praying. The arguing and expectations aren’t gonna cut it, if they haven’t worked yet then what’s the chance they ever will? Let’s get in an attitude of prayer for our husbands, they don’t have to be our knight and shinning armor but they sure can be our God fearing men. If you are struggling with a husband who is oblivious to the hardship your having while trying to handle all the kids and house duties and want his help a little more, then get into your prayer closet and start praying. Start off with thanking God for all the good that your hubby is and does, then pray for God to help you to see the areas you can be a better wife, and then pray for your need of your husband. Let’s do a challenge together, let’s list 10 things we love and are thankful for in our husbands. I’ll start: 1. He’s a great provider, 2. Love’s me and how I look after 4 kids 3. is always thoughtful when he gets food he always brings me something too 4. doesn’t drink, do drugs or smoke (1 or the reasons I  wanna stay clean and be a better person) 5.never gets tired of wanting to cuddle with me (even though I’m not a big cuddler) 6. loves my  two kids as his own 7. I have never heard a curse word from him 8. loves God 9. goes to church and married group 10. is a homebody. If we get in the attitude of focusing on the good and not always the negative things will look a lot brighter to us.

God’s Truth For Moms:
That’s exactly what Jesus did. He didn’t make it easy for himself by avoiding people’s troubles, but waded right in and helped out. “I took on the troubles of the troubled,” is the way Scripture puts it. Even if it was written in Scripture long ago, you can be sure it’s written for us. God wants the combination of his steady, constant calling and warm, personal counsel in Scripture to come to characterize us, keeping us alert for whatever he will do next. May our dependably steady and warmly personal God develop maturity in you so that you get along with each other as well as Jesus gets along with us all… but our very lives singing in harmony in a stunning anthem to the God and Father of our Master Jesus! So reach out and welcome one another to God’s glory. Jesus did it; now you do it! Jesus, staying true to God’s purposes, reached out in a special way… Just think of all the Scriptures that will come true in what we do! For instance: … People of all nations, celebrate God! All colors and races,
give hearty praise! And Isaiah’s word: There’s the root of our ancestor Jesse, breaking through the earth and growing tree tall, Tall enough for everyone everywhere to see and take hope! Oh! May the God of green hope fill you up with joy, fill you up with peace, so that your believing lives, filled with the life-giving energy of the Holy Spirit, will brim over with hope! (‭Romans‬ ‭15‬:‭3-13‬ MSG)

A Little Whisper to God:
Mom Alarm Prayer- Lord I confess today I can not handle it alone, I need you to be Lord over me. Help me Lord to be self-controlled, loving and bubbly today. I pray that I will be led by The Spirit and my flesh. Help today to see the good in everything and everyone. I pray I see others through your eyes and help me do what you want me to do and not what I think I want. Help me to be the wife you have called me to be to _ and to respect him. I need your help Lord! And help me to be an awesome Godly mom to _,_,_,_ and positive role model for my niece _. Direct me to the ways you want me to go today Lord. In Jesus name I pray you direct my steps today. Amen.
On the Way to School PrayerIn Jesus name we thank you and praise you for everything you did for us yesterday. I pray a hedge of protection over _,_,_ as they go to school today. I pray you bring them home safe and sound today. Pray that _,_,_ will have a teachable and obedient spirit. That they will listen and obey and help there teachers to enjoy what they do. I pray for their teachers _,_,_ that as they are getting ready for work that you soften their hearts to teach with positive reinforcements. I pray they will see the good in _,_,_ and help bring out the best in each of them. I pray the favor of God over _,_,_ that they will have favor with the teachers, staff, students, and community. I come against bulling in the name of Jesus. I pray that _,_,_ will not be bullied or be bullies. I pray that you send them Godly Christian friends and that any negative friends will not cleave to them, but I pray that _,_,_ will be a positive influence to others. I pray that Gods light would shine in and through them as they go to school and that they will be who you have called them to be. I pray for the gifts and talents have placed in them, that they would use them and I pray they will always walk the straight and narrow path you have placed for them. In Jesus name with thank you. Amen.
I have said this prayer every school day for 5 years. It goes fast once you have said it enough times and after I pray the kids each take a turn praying over themselves and/or each other. They pray what ever they want to that morning.
Wife Prayer Unleashed- Lord I give you my husband today. Be with him as he is at work and on the road. I pray Lord that you send the right customers his way. Bless him today and I pray let it be you and not him. I pray he will be a Godly influence to others and a light at work. I pray that he will seek you in all that he does and will burn a passion to know you more. I pray that you bless the hands and feet he uses to work and I pray that his hard efforts will not go unnoticed. I come against any negativity that might try to come his way. Shield him from anyone who tries to talk down on him or belittle him at work. Thank you Lord he is the head and not the tail. I pray you will open doors for him to do your will. I Pray that he will surrender every part of him over to you, so that you can accomplish through him all that you have willed. I pray he will have a passion for your Word and a longing for a daily relationship with you. I pray he seeks you in all that he does with our finances and that he gives to you first. I come against anyone who is a potential threat to him or our marriage and I pray you remove them or keep them from ever entering his work place. Thank you for the man his is and the man he is becoming, full on fire for you. . In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Written by Jessica Taylor. NIV Bible

Mom Life Raw: One Day at a Time on the Grind

ipad pictures 1118This weekend I came down with a bug. I was “sick as a dog”, as the saying goes. I think I felt the worst I have felt in years minus the surgeries I have had in the past. I was laid up in bed for an ENTIRE day. Luckily my mom lives 30 minutes away and came to watch my three kids and niece while my husband took my son to his football game. My mom soon left and my husband was all alone with our four kids and my niece who lives with us. Lets just say husband had lots of video game time, baby enjoyed lots of walker time, teen loved the cell phone time and the other kids seemed to have enjoyed TV and house disaster time, so it seemed. The house was a doomsday meltdown. Where was my order? Where was my all togetherness? I was too sick to do anything about it. This momma had to lay back down. I was not feeling well to run things back in mommy order. I had to say yes to covers and my comfy bed, something I wasn’t quiet use to. I am MOM, I am Super-mom and Super-mom’s don’t get so sick they can’t get things back in shape. But this time was a time like no other, I had to rest this sickness off the whole day.

The next morning I was feeling semi my self again. Not in a best of shape, but enough to get the 5 loads of laundry done, the dishes washed and put away and the house swept  and back in order. As hubby was off to work I and was cooking lunch I had to ask a question I wasn’t sure if wanted to hear the answer to… “So did everyone have fun without mommy yesterday?” My guess was they were gonna fake it and say “yes we missed you” or “we had fun with daddy”, but not at all. To my surprise they all looked at me with this despairing look, as if their favorite pet died. Each of them made their eyes to me in a sombering, lonely, help me kind of look. I had to laugh, it was hilarious. I continued, “Is that a look of you had so much fun you wish I was back in bed or a look of I’m glad to see you?” To my astonishment they were soooooo glad to see me and was back in Super-mom mode. They all were glad things were back in mommy order. We cleaned rooms and did a tidy up in the house and lunch was served as well as dinner on time and might I add they grubbed it. Apparently They were so glad mommy and auntie was back. Who would have thought? Getting the house in order was better than having blown out free day?

It was a warm feeling to know I am wanted and needed.  As moms we have to know we are not invincible, we have to take care of ourselves and even if things don’t run as we would hope they would we have to let it go. We have to make sure we take care of ourselves that way we can be at our best to care for everyone else. On another note, we have to also understand that dads will not do things like moms do. Why not? you ask, simply because they are dad and not mom. Dad’s are not build like moms, we are built to nurture and to care for our children and homes. There are things that come natural to moms that don’t come natural to dads and that’s just the way it is. Let dad handle The Fort “somewhat” and everyone will be just fine. Yes the kids may sneak and throw the food back in the pan when he’s not looking, yes the baby may get into things while he’s playing video games with his headphones on, but they will learn. Remember give them the benefit of the doubt and when in more doubt just trust God. Pray and leave everything in God’s hands while you are praying for your healing.

Don’t worry mom we may not be invincible but we do have a God who will always be where we can not. Give your family over to the Lord daily as you pray and spend time with God. Build a relationship with God by having your daily quiet time. Hand your family over to God and the Lord will not let you down. The Lord is our ultimate source. As moms we should get our strength and direction from our Heavenly Father. Pray for God to be your husbands source as well. Your husband is the head of your household and as the head he has a big responsibility. Pray for God to be his first and most important. When mom and dad are both channeled in God’s direction there is no devil in hell that can bring that Fort down. Stand strong moms in prayer and petition for your household.

God’s Truth for Mom:

 Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track. Don’t assume that you know it all. Run to God! Run from evil! Your body will glow with health, your very bones will vibrate with life! Honor God with everything you own; give him the first and the best. Your barns will burst, your wine vats will brim over. But don’t, dear friend, resent God’s discipline; don’t sulk under his loving correction. It’s the child he loves that God corrects; a father’s delight is behind all this. Proverbs 3:5-12

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!  Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near.  Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you. Philippians 4:4-9

A Little Whisper to God:

Dear Heavenly Father,

   I know that I am not invincible or Super-mom. I cannot do this Mommyhood walk alone, I need you daily. I need you to be Lord over my life. Lord I confess today that I give my full trust over to you. I trust in you with my whole-mommy-heart. Lord help me to seek you daily and continue to trust in you. I give my family over to you 100 percent to do your will everyday in their lives and help me to be the mom and wife you need me to be for them. I pray that you direct me in what you have called each of my family members to do for your kingdom and I pray that will work with you in helping bring out the best in each of them. Thank you Lord for being a personal God, who cares for me and my family every single day. I give you my Mommyhood to do your will so that I can be pleasing to you every step of the way. I pray that my house will be a house that stands on God’s Word with a solid foundation.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Written by Jessica Taylor. Moms Complete Faith Ministry.  The Message Bible. NIV Bible

Love Never Fails: Marriage Postcard

Moms Complete Faith Ministry. Jessica Taylor

All You Do Is Worth It!!

With all this going for us, my dear, dear friends, stand your ground. And don’t hold back. Throw yourselves into the work of the Master, confident that nothing you do for him is a waste of time or effort. (‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭15‬:‭58‬ MSG)

“Come on kids let’s go! Hurry time for school! Hurry and eat we have to go! Hurry take a bath it’s bed time! Hurry do your homework! Hurry you have practice!” As moms we go, go, go and it feels like we are in a rush, rush, rush. Not to mention the piles of house work we have to do daily. I have 4 kids, 1 teenage niece, and a husband I know all about loads of laundry and dishes. With all of life’s demands and our daily routines as moms we can get overwhelmed quickly and feel is what I’m doing even anything at all? Well I tell you what Mom, yes it is, it’s totally worth it. Everything we do is unto The Lord. Every effort we put into raising our kids doesn’t go unnoticed to God. He see’s your hard work every single day. He see’s us changing that little infants diaper, He see’s us helping that teen with her homework, He see’s us encourage that young child in his sports, and He see’s the dinner you prepare everyday for that precious family. He even notices the load of laundry you have to do everyday just to keep the basket from over flowing. God is a personal God, He see’s our daily struggles and efforts as mom and even more He wants to be apart of it. Yes, He wants to be apart of your daily Mommyhood challenges, must do’s and to do’s.

As we get up in the morning and give our day over to Him, He will honor us and bless us. We don’t have to run around with our heads in a sour pickle jar. Every morning take time to pray to Him and spend a little time with Him. We don’t have to do everyday alone. You will feel so much more relief and peace when you just take moments out of your busy schedule of “hurry to do’s” and first give it to God.

And, mom, everything you do isn’t going unnoticed. God see’s you and it is all for a higher purpose. You are raising the next generation. Your bringing up a life. Your responsible for raising possibly a life that one day may impact another life and be the reason someone has an opportunity to get to Heaven. We are disciples for God doing our part to build His Kingdom.

You are in the mist of raising up His army, God’s Army of warriors. You go mom!!!

With love,

Jessica Taylor

-Dear Heavenly Father,

    I thank you for being a personal God and wanting to be apart of my daily life. I pray Lord as each day comes my way I give it over to you fully. I pray that I will be diligent in walking in obedience to Your Word. I want to be the mom you called me to be. I realize in order to achieve that I can not do it alone. I pray that I will fully commit to walking in your straight and narrow path that You have placed for me. Today Lord I commit to seeking Your will in my daily mommy challenges, struggles and daily duties. As I daily commit to You I know I will walk into all the promises You have for me and my family. Lead us Lord to Your greatness as I choose to surrender my day over to You one day at a time. Let Your Glory shine in and through me as I submit to Your Word and seek You with all my heart, will and emotion. In Jesus name I pray, amen. Moms Complete Faith Ministry. NIV Bible

Drawn by Faith

Drawn by faith
Written by Jessica Taylor. 9-5-14 Published 9-16-14. NIV Bible.

Faith is drawing near to God by the blood of Jesus. We are able to draw near to God so that we may receive His mercy, love, grace and ever present help. Pray for the Lord’s salvation today. With Christ salvation you will be washed of your sins and forgiven. Through the washing of the blood we have been cleansed from our old self and can drive forward to a new beginning. Earnestly seek the Lord through prayer and fellowship with Him. He is a daddy that will and wants to be apart of your daily lives. He will never leave your side. Draw close to the Lord and He will not let you down.

“Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water. .” Hebrews 10:22 NIV

Remember You are worthy! Why? Cause God says you are and that is all that matters.
Look to the Lord where ever you are in your life. God has created you for a life full of Joy and freedom in Him. believe you are worth the Life God has for you. Receive the freedom He has for you. Work the Word (of God) in your life and see what God can do for you and your children.
With Love, Jessica Taylor
Written by Jessica Taylor. Moms Complete Faith Ministry.

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